Hosiery Care

All hosiery items are delicate, particularly sheers. Here are our tips for keeping your hosiery in the best possible condition:

  • Try wearing gloves when putting on your sheer hosiery. It will help prevent sharp fingernails or rings from catching the product and creating a ladder.

  • Always roll your tights up the leg, never pull them.
  • Once open, try storing your sheer hosiery in zip lock sandwich bags. It will help keep them tidy in the drawer and prevent damage. If you’re super organised, you could even label the bags so you can identify your favourite product!
  • Make sure any lotion is completely dry on your skin before putting on hold ups. It can affect the staying power of the silicone if not.
  • Hand wash every hosiery product in cool water with a detergent designed for delicate items. Then let them dry naturally. The washing machine and tumble dryer will wreak havoc on your hosiery!

If you have any further questions about caring for your hosiery purchase, feel free to contact us via any of the methods on our contact page.

Love PP x