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The eco-yarn is created using an environmentally friendly process

Eco-Wear Item 2

sent to our Oeko-Tex made in green accredited factory to make into gorgeous lingerie

Eco-Wear Item 3

you can then enjoy the supreme comfort this revolutionary lingerie has to offer – for as long as you like

Eco-Wear Item 4

when it’s completed its time with you, discard into your regular bin

Eco-Wear Item 5

in anaerobic landfills its unique composition allows bacteria to gain access and digest waste materials accelerating the biodegradation process

Eco-Wear Item 6

within 3-5 years of arriving at landfill your Pretty Polly lingerie has become a natural compost

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The life-cycle of most lingerie items ends up in landfill where it is discarded after being used for a period of time. This process of decomposition can take decades. However, the unique Pretty Polly Eco-Wear lingerie keeps its durability and quality while you wear it, but when you discard the item and it reaches landfill having contact with microorganisms existing in the anaerobic environment, the yarn naturally biodegrades in approximately 3-5 years.