Period Pants

Our Period Pants are an innovative, eco-friendly and reusable option for your menstruation. They have been specially designed to get you through your period comfortably and confidently. Leak-proof, breathable, and fresh, with an exclusive Ceravida Fresh finish.

Made with super soft modal fabric, and 4 layers of special fabric which absorbs everything, they keep you dry even with a heavy flow. A delicate feminine design elastic waistband for added comfort. In fact our Period Pants are so comfortable they’re like a hug for your tummy.

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4 Items

  • What are Period Pants?
    These pants are specially designed to use instead of tampons or pads. Made from four layers of fabric the pants will absorb up to three tampons worth of blood or any other annoying leaks you might have.
  • Why period pants?
    Choose Period Pants as a sustainable option to pads and tampons. Protecting you and the planet!
  • Can I wear them with Sanitary products?
    Yes! We recognise that we’re all different, so how you use them is up to you. You can either use them on their own, or with other protection until you feel comfortable and confident.
  • When to change period pants?
    Our Period Pants have the same absorbency level as 3 super tampons giving us a 9 hour maximum wear time. You can even wear them over night with no need to change!
  • What is a super tampon in ml?
    A fully saturated light tampon can hold up to 3 milliliters of fluid. A fully saturated super tampon may hold up to 12 milliliters of fluid. We recommend the Pretty Polly Period Pants for light to heavy flow days, they absorbs up to 3 super tampons per wear.
  • Can period pants leak?
    The period pants are designed with a leak proof layer that will protect you from any unwanted surprises. Pretty Polly has two available shapes (Midi Brief and Hipster Short) for a better fit which will give you an even better protection.
  • How do I wash them?
    To wash, just give them a rinse in cold water and then wash at 40° in your machine as normal with similar colours. Hold off on the softener as the pants already have a natural finish which keeps them soft and fresh. Line dry for best results.
  • Do they smell?
    Our Period Pants have a CERAVIDA FRESH finish to their 4 layer design. Keeping you and the pants fresh. CERAVIDA FRESH is an innovative anti odour agent. The revolutionary treatment lasts for the entire life cycle of the product and has been created with the environment in mind by using no harmful chemicals or toxins.
  • What is Ceravida Fresh?
    Our Period Pants are treated with a special finish (made from completely natural ingredients) which will keep them fresh and free from antimicrobial nasties. CERAVIDA FRESH is an innovative anti odour agent. The revolutionary treatment lasts for the entire life cycle of the product and has been created with the environment in mind using no harmful chemicals or toxins.

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